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Meeting basic necessities of life is the constitutional right of every citizen of our country. But, it is indeed a disheartening fact that, there are still many people in our country struggling to have square meal a day for their survival let alone access to other basic needs for individual maintenance. 
Like those unfortunate souls, many pastors and missionaries in rural areas of our country, who have dedicated their lives to bring transformation in the lives of those who have been drifted away from the mainstream, have been found struggling to meet their both ends due to unprecedented impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Even, they are finding a great difficulty in managing their day-to-day expenses causing a threat to their very survival in this existing crisis. 

What we do?

It is imperative to note that, in support of those pastors and missionaries in rural India, Life Care Foundation (LCF) has already been supporting 82 Pastors and Missionaries across rural India with precious help of many individual donor, well-wishers, friends and supporters. In every month, LCF is paying a sum of Rs.5, 000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) to each pastor/missionary as monthly honorarium in support of their monthly maintenance. 
On the other hand, many well-wishers and supporters of LCF have been contributing generously at the time of celebrating their marriage ceremony, wedding anniversary, birthday, baptism and various thanksgiving events.  
Therefore, I, Pastor Timothy on behalf of LCF believe that, it is the onus of every individual to extend any kind of support to those pastors/missionaries who have been serving selflessly to reflect the love of Jesus to many unreached souls in rural India. These pastors/missionaries are representing churches in rural areas and supporting each other through a of chain of prayer support community fulfilling the word of God.

Join Us:

In response to the present crisis of pastors and missionaries in rural India at the backdrop of Covid pandemic, you are kindly requested to join hands by contributing generously in support of those pastors/missionaries serving faithfully in rural areas. You can either adopt one church or one pastor/missionary in support of their yeoman services across rural India to reap abundant blessings. 

Your contribution will not only meet those pastors/missionaries’ basic needs but will also enable them to continue their services without encountering any financial challenges.
If you feel this burden for those pastors and missionaries in the rural areas, then you can extend your support by clicking on the link below and you will be provided with a receipt of your contribution accordingly. 

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