Adolescent Girls Program

Adolescence is a transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines an adolescent is any individual between 10 to 19 years old. It is a time when rapid growth, hormonal change, changes in bodily appearance, changes in brain structure start happening. Being immature in age, they are unable to take right decisions in meeting their expectations.  

The age of adolescence witnesses various problems like emotional, psychological, behavioural, substance use and abuse, educational, health, social and relationship. It is really important to understand the developmental stage of adolescence and associated challenges for effective response in a most friendly manner.  

The vulnerable adolescent girls in our society are being encountered with multiple challenges in terms of child marriage, child abuse, school drop-outs, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, suicide etc.  Moreover, the present Covid pandemic has made adolescent girls more vulnerable to various social vices, thus making them more susceptible to various forms of abuses and violence in present eco-system. Hence, the pathetic situation of vulnerable adolescent girls calls for immediate action in a present environment.  

What we are doing? 

Therefore, understanding the challenging being encountered by many of our vulnerable adolescents representing disadvantaged communities in the society, we, at Life Care Foundation (LCF) would like to extend our support in addressing various issues of vulnerable adolescent girls through introduction of Adolescent Girls’ Program to witness a difference in their lives. 

In response to our initiative, we are truly thankful to our partner, friends, well-wishers, supporters who have endorsed our proposal to support adolescent program and at the same time, we are requesting any individual, corporate, institution and donor for their generous support in addressing various adolescent issues through our Adolescent Girls’ Program.  

Join us

If you are led by your intuition to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable adolescent girls, then you can join hands with LCF either by one time investment or by sponsoring an adolescent girl through monthly contribution of Rs.2000. 

Your investment in the lives of those needy adolescent girls will reap positive yield in the days to come in achieving our organizational goal for mankind and ensuring a promising future for adolescent girls in our society in days to come. 

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