As we all are aware that Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in the lives of people across the globe where India is no exception. The present surge in Covid-19 infection has gripped our country very badly as a result; the incidences of unbridled infection as well as increased death rate have been a matter of concern across all the states of India. The situation in rural areas happens to be more pathetic owing to poor health infrastructure, inadequate health personnel and difficult access to health facility.

As a result, many people have lost their loved ones including parents, children, friends and relatives. There are many more people still in hospital and safe home undergoing treatment. This pandemic has even witnessed hospitals without any bed, no oxygen facility, no medicines and inadequate health personnel to tackle this new public health pandemic crisis both in urban as well as in rural areas across India. Even, many of us have lost our relatives due to this Covid-19 infection.

In the midst of present Covid-19 crisis, there are many pastors, lay-preachers, missionaries and evangelists are working in rural areas, spreading the word of God to reach out to unreached. These dedicated pastors/missionaries have been found struggling to make their both ends meet without any income or support from anyone. Even they are finding extremely difficult to maintain their day- to-day expenses.

What we are doing?

In order to respond to this challenging situation being encountered by pastors/missionaries in rural areas across India, we, at Life Care Foundation have decided to extend our helping hands in supporting many rural pastors/missionaries who are committed to serving Jesus and spreading the good news in the most difficult environment to expand Christian outreach. We believe that, those who enlighten other’s lives as role models while spreading the word of God, should have right to get their basic necessity without any hindrances and continue with their services.

To address this prevailing Covid-19 crisis in an effective manner, Life Care Foundation have started five-fold campaigns in collaboration with Life Care Foundation Volunteer Team to ensure easy access to basic necessities of life to those pastors/missionaries working in rural areas across India. They are as follows:

∙         Covid Relief Pastor Support.

∙         Covid Relief Family Assistance.

∙         Covid Relief Education Fund.

∙         Covid Relief Food Packet.

∙         Covid Relief Medical Kits.

So, we as believers should not limit our blessings rather, we need to share our blessings to those who are in need. In order to fulfill the Lord’s promises, Life Care Foundation intends to expand its Covid Relief outreach package to those needy Pastors and Missionaries who have been toiling to serve the unreached in taxing eco-system across rural India to overcome their existing challenges.

Therefore, I, Pastor Timothy, on behalf of Life Care Foundation, hereby, requesting everyone to join hands and share your blessings through your monetary contribution towards the Life Care Foundation and make our country a better place for everyone to have easy access to basic necessities of life.

Join us.

Hence, you are kindly requested to click on the link to support our work (mention the link) and also to share this link with your friends, relatives and acquaintances as much as possible.
Your valuable contribution will enable us to reach out to many pastors and missionaries who are in dire need of our support at this time of pandemic situation. Let us support each other and encourage others to be a blessing for this noble cause.  As a token of gratitude, we will be sharing with you a donation certificate (share a copy of donation certificate).


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