Mathew 5:16- “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good work and glorify your father which is in heaven.”

As the above Bible verse not only encourages all of us to carry out good work to reflect God’s love in us but also giving us an opportunity to glorify our heavenly father through our deeds.

In order to fulfil a burden for the people assimilated with my longstanding desire to create a platform of prayer where anyone irrespective of religion, colour, caste, creed and social status can avail the benefits of prayer support to witness the power of collective prayer in our lives.

Being Christian, it is our very nature to pray only for our fellow brother and sisters but we hardly look beyond our Christian boundary to reach out to unreached who have never experienced the power of prayer in their lives. 

Therefore, having realized the urgent need of prayer support for every individual whether Christian or Non-Christians, CGNS has decided to operate a prayer cell using online platform to reach out to individual who are in dire need of care and prayer support.

To be more effective in reaching out to every individual or lonely soul across India, CGNS has created different types of Prayer Cell catering to varied prayer needs of individual, family and community all over India. These dedicated prayer cells are formed to carry out chain of prayer support in different languages to meet the ever-growing prayer needs of the people from different walks of life.

In continuation of expanding the outreach of prayer cell and building a foundation of Christ-centric relationship, CGNS has formed different prayer groups under prayer cell to cater to the needs of different groups to break hindrances of any inhibition and language barrier. These different prayer groups are namely youth group, women’s group, men’s group, adolescent group, students’ group, players group, working professional’s group, housewives’ group, senior citizen’s group, Children’s group, government officials’ group, church leaders’ group, pastors’ group, school teachers’ group, corporate group, doctors’ group, politicians’ group, married couple group, divorced people group, single/lonely individual group, differently-abled group etc.

In order to witness the power of prayer while strengthening the chain of prayer across India, each member of respective group can exchange his/her prayer point with different groups stating name, city, contact details and specific prayer point or testimonies to encourage other members of different groups in India using this unique prayer platform.

This noble initiative will not only build a long-term healthy relationship amongst members of all prayer groups but at the same time, will witness a positive social and spiritual growth of every group member in coming days.

If you have any query or question related to our prayer cell/prayer group, kindly get in touch with us or click to the link ………………..and we will be happy to clarify your doubts to strengthen our Christ-focused friendly relationship.

God bless you all.

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