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Women Empowerment

The term ` Women Empowerment ' has been circulating everywhere, with almost no conviction. When we talk about giving power to women, it means equipping them with resources...trusting them ...letting them deal and handle challenges positively...and maintain their dignity. LIFE CARE FOUNDATION...trusts n believes that Women are a blessing and ought to be cherished! We celebrate womanhood! Being a mother is one of the greatest privileges a female can have. Therefore we provide comprehensive counselling, medical care and assistance right from pregnancy to post natal care! We help them understand their value...and support them in carving their own niche in the society. HELP US TO...HELP THEM!


Mainstreaming women’s needs and perspectives in all activities is one of the primary objectives of W.E. (Women Empowerment)! Since women are the foundation of a family, great focus is needed to nurture their natural talents and self-confidence and develop them as financial asset, so that along with the woman of the house the entire family may benefit and be inspired. Rural women in India are disproportionately represented among the poor. Hence the interventions taken to mitigate the poverty suffered by women is the concept of income-generating projects. Income-generating projects, have been identified as one way through which women's situation can be directly improved.

Therefore we as a team we have organized vocational and development programs to execute with excellence! Following are the programs:


One of the most prevalent activities that rural women do at home, which goes unnoticed and is laid back as a spare time chore. We take the baton to encourage and spin them into action by talking to them in groups and helping them to notice their talents. This helps them to understand the economic aspect and financial dealings of their exotic work, thus helping them to generate income for the betterment of their family and community which garners the confidence and self-respect they so longingly desired.


The natural cooking talents of women helps them to reap the benefits of commercializing it. We make way for them to cook and sell homemade, healthy and scrumptious food to consumers in factories, organizations and various other institutions which helps them to earn a decent amount.

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