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Child Sponsorship

Children are the future of Tomorrow Thais is an internationally accepted fact. But are all children considered to be the future of Tomorrow? Sadly this is untrue. Only privileged ones are! The populace of children exceed far more than adults. In our country, more than half of the children are under- privileged. All parents secure their off spring’s future by virtue of their wealth/ savings and assets as they grow. But parents who are hand-to-mouth cannot provide even basic needs for their children. These parents cannot focus on their children’s day to day upbringing while they are busy earning the bread for the day. In that situation their children having no watchful eye, tend to do things whatever they want and learn whatever they see, in other words they become disillusioned. Most of the time only wrong things attract them to see, learn and do.

This is the right time to nurture such under –privileged children and propel them in the right direction so as to show him/her a ray of light and hope of tomorrow.

The reason for sponsoring a child comes upon a loving, caring, sympathetic natured people for every child is born by the blessings of God and it pleases God to help the poor. Helping the poor is regardless to race, religion, gender or caste. God made rich and poor both to live in this world and wants the rich to help the poor for due rewards from Heaven in the process while the rich reap the rewards the poor gain the benefits that is what called sponsoring a child. There is another category which includes poorest of the poor.

A child can be sponsored right from the birth to the late teens without hampering the routine of the sponsor receiving the progress reports of the child sponsored wherever they are. The experience of sponsor- sponsored relationship gives wonderful feeling of achieving the goal set upon by God on an individual, knows no bounds and which actually balances the economic level of society.

Why Sponsor a Child?

Every child is born with a talent but the rich shine, while poor diminish with their talent besides lack of food, clothes and shelter the poor face malnutrition, diseases and death. Those who somehow survive become easy targets to all sorts of malpractices and end up as robbers, dacoits, murderers, prostitutes etc. etc. this social menace could only be curbed by the right thinking, loving, caring citizens of every nation and take pride in making this planet a better place to live with dignity and hope.

To bring about this change a child, right from the beginning has to be guided and helped in the right direction. That is why a child needs to be sponsored to show the ray of light and a life of hope to save family and enter into a better living. To fulfil this process a child is initially needed to be “Sponsored” through a planned organization who helps connect the poorest of the poor to the sympathizer.

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